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Civil Litigation


Debt recovery..

We can act cost effectively to recover the money owed to you or to defend you against such a claim..

Local Court Small Claims Division..

Maliciously inflict Grievous Bodily Harm, Malicous Wounding, Recklessly Cause GBH, Reckless Wounding, Assault Occassioning Actual Bodily Harm and Common Assault are just some of the Assault matters that we have sucessfully defended in the District, Local and Childrens Court.

Assets forfeiture..

Clients charged with criminal offences attracting a maximum penalty of 5 years are at jeopardy of having their assets forfeit to the Crown. This might be because of:

  • A Pecuniary Penalty Order;
  • Tainted assets

We can assist in negotiating a settlement with the Crime Commissions or in defending the matter with evidence. The gathering of financial evidence and the use of Expert Accounting evidence is likely to assist your case.

Note there are strict time limits in asset forfeiture matters.

General litigation..

We often appear in various types of disputes of a contractual or equity nature. The secret is to have your matter properly pleaded & to have your evidence well prepared & where ever possible rely upon documents.

Being Advocates, we often act in property matters that become complex due to caveats, contractual disputes or Family Law proceedings.