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Major Results

Every case is important to us and we do good work for clients which affects their lives on a daily basis. However there are standout results detailed herein:

  1. 2012 David appeared as advocate in the Local Court and the case of assault Police was dismissed despite there being 4 Police eye witnesses.
  2. 2011 David was successful in having a Commonwealth charge  involving Army explosives against a client withdrawn on the eve of the hearing without a compromise plea.
  3. 2010 David represented a Person of Interest in the Coroners Court in a one week hearing and there were no adverse findings made about the client nor any charges.
  4. 2011 David instructed Peter Lowe of Counsel in the Court of Disputed Returns in relation to alleged electoral fraud.
  5. In 2010 David successfully had the assault charges withdrawn against Mario Norman who was charged with assaulting NSW State MP Paul Gibson.
  6. David often appears as Advocate in the Children’s Care Court. In one case he represented a mother to have the child returned to her care after the mother was released from jail for attempting infanticide.
  7. David has successfully represented members of various Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs.
  8. Commenced in 2004 Gacic v SMH – SMH review that was found to be defamatory.

    • Our client owned CocoRoco restaurant
    • David Instructed Barrister Clive Evatt
    • Supreme Court of NSW
    • Reversed on Appeal
    • Won at High Court x 2
    • Won at retrial in Supreme Court of NSW
    • Current status: Appeal pending in Court of Appeal on quantum of damages in favour of our client CocoRoco @ Darling Harbour
  9. 2007 David appeared as Counsel in a people smuggling case where 7 persons were alleged to have come to Australia on two separate commercial airline flights. The case was successfully defended when the jury could not agree to convict ie hung jury.
  10. David successfully represented parents in a child care matter using one medical expert against 14 experts involving an alleged shaked baby, that the baby had been dropped not shaken & it was returned to the parents by DOC’s.
  11. 1997 David represented the City of Sydney in instructing Bernard Coles QC in having a laneway off George Street to be decalred a public road by using an 1860 Act of Parliament and showing that the land had been left out of a plan & had not been used by the public continuously.
  12. 2012 successfully had a low range drink driving charge dismissed despite a breath test at 0.053 by using a later blood test at 0.048.